Facilitating Health and Wellbeing for People and Animals

About Amy Davidson

Amy resides in Aberdeenshire and enjoys living close to the Scottish countryside. She holds a First Class (BA) Honours Degree in Creative Expressive Therapies and is a certified Play Therapist and Usui/Karuna Reiki Master.  Amy devoted much of her Twenty's to developing her work as a therapist and healer.  She studied in England, Ireland, Belgium, France, California, Arizona and Hawaii to further her therapeutic work and knowledge.  She works in a person-centred way, honouring each individual.

Amy had an interest in complementary methods of healing, such as Aromatherapy at a young age and trained in first degree Reiki healing at the age of eighteen.  Amy also followed her dream of learning a gentler way of working with horses, known as ‘horse-whispering’ by volunteering at Monty Roberts' Farm in California. Through this hands-on experience she learned to communicate with horses via her body language, studying the language of the horse. This opened up a whole new world for her and stimulated an interest in listening to and communicating with all animals.  Simultaneously her practice as a healer led to deeper experiences and an increased desire to help others.

During her period of study as an Arts Therapist, Amy continued her education in both Reiki healing and Animal Communication. She qualified as a Reiki Master and studied Advanced Animal Communication with Carol Gurney, the internationally renowned teacher. Amy is dedicated to both her therapeutic and healing work and continues to educate herself in the healing arts.  Through Gentlehealing Amy hopes to reach those that will benefit from her services and promote compassion and understanding towards animals.

Amy is also a passionate teacher and has been delighted to spread her knowledge and experience, through her workshops.  You can view her workshop blog here.