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Animal Communication Session

*IMPORTANT - Amy is now a devoted Mum to a little boy so is currently on a reduced schedule, working Tuesday and some Saturday mornings.  Please email her before booking a session to check her availability suits you.* 

Hear what your animal would like to share
and deepen your understanding of their wellbeing, thoughts,
needs and feelings

amy davidsonAnimals communicate non-verbally, communicating and receiving information telepathically or intuitively. An example of this would be a dog knowing when their owner is on their way home, or sensing that their owner is unhappy or unwell. They communicate to us in pictures and feelings, and are able to receive our thoughts and feelings. Most animal owners with a close connection will be receiving thoughts from their animals, possibly without even realising this. Hearing what your animal has to say can be incredibly comforting and also empowering for both the animal and the owner, especially in situations where there is obvious outward distress.

What is telepathic animal communication ?

Animals are receiving our thoughts and impressions naturally, but for us to consciously receive theirs it requires us to become open and sensitive, to be in a heart centred place and a still state of mind, so that our intellect does not override the incoming impressions. This can be difficult as we are trained in society to value our intellect more. Yet if we want to communicate with animals in this way, it is important that we trust our intuition.

Animal communicators are people who consciously tune into this innate ability, enabling them to talk to and hear animals. Communication takes place through an exchange of pictures, feelings, thoughts and sensations, which is why this way of communicating is known as "telepathic animal communication".  It is sometimes called "interspecies communication", as it transcends all species barriers. To be in touch with animals in this way is truly mind-blowing and an incredible heart opening experience.

What is involved in a session?

Amy will connect with your animal at a distance, from her home. She does this through receipt of a photo and details that enable her to connect to your animal’s energy.  Communications usually last from 45mins – 1 hr. Through a telepathic dialogue, Amy communicates and listens to what your animal would like to share; specific questions may also be asked. The dialogue is typed uo for your ease and a transcript will be sent to you.

What benefits can come from an animal communication session:

If you would like Amy to communicate with your animal companion, please send Amy an email and she will advise you from there.

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Cost of Animal Communication Session:

lasting up to an hour: £65

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How to pay for your Animal Communication Session

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Disclaimer: For health concerns, it is recommended that you contact a veterinarian. Information provided and personal consultations aim to facilitate health, and well-being and are not a replacement for traditional veterinary care.