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Angel Therapy® Testimonials

"I first met Amy at an in person Angel therapy session when it was all new to me and I didn’t know much about angels; the session opened my eyes to a whole new world. I have been given continuous guidance and recommended books which I bought to learn more about angels, and I grew. From the in person session I continued with distant angel therapy readings, and they have all helped me through tough times. In all honesty I don’t know where I would be now without the help Amy (and my angels) has given me, the advice has been so accurate, and to top it off Amy is lovely, sensitive and caring. Not only do Amy’s services provide all of the above, all my questions and concerns are answered and I feel cared for as an individual rather than just a number or a client

I would 100% recommend Amy’s services to anyone."

Lyn Wilson

"Amy, I have just come home and read the angels' response to my questions through you - I am absolutely blown away, and there are things you mention in it only my angels could have known!.........  the absolute best has turned out to be the healing with my father, which I think will clear a mountain of past conflict, so many thanks for that………Many blessings to you for your work. I think I will get many messages through your reading."

Deirdre Maclean

"I had an Angel Therapy® session with Amy Davidson last year and I have to say it was quite amazing and still helps me today.  I am an aerospace engineer and as such very skeptical of anything I can't analyze and see.  Even though I was skeptical I am also interested in the universe and its possibilities.  

From the start of the session it was clear that she was intimately tuned in to what was happening in my life, which there is no way she could have known about otherwise.  We hadn't discussed any of it previously and I certainly hadn't discussed it with anyone she knows.

During the session I felt such a loving caring from the 'angels' that were communicating with me through Amy.  The session went on for some time.  I don't remember how long.  But without going into too much personal detail, they offered support and practical advice on specific issues I was dealing with.  So much insight was given on subjects very personal to me.  I was also able to speak with my father who had passed away over 10 years ago.  I know it was him, as we spoke about things only he would know.  It was really very amazing. 

I felt afterwards like I had been with very old wise friends who knew me intimately well and cared deeply about my well being.  I also felt a very 'free' feeling as though I could make a fresh start without any baggage hanging around.  It was very liberating and left me with a very sweet feeling.

I can certainly recommend this therapy as a way to get in touch with what's sometimes hidden inside.  It’s a great mirror to see what's going on inside.  And enjoyable as well.  Kudos to Amy.  She's is really a wonderful healing presence."

David Shultz

Recently I had the pleasure of asking Amy for a personal reading. Amy suggested I could ask specific questions which I sent ahead by email. What a lovely response I received with Amy's in depth insight to my questions. I found Amy's approach totally loving and uplifting. Amy's responses to my questions were incredible, such 'spot on' answers to some difficult questions helped me enormously. As I am also on my spiritual path journey it is especially enlightening to be able to ask and receive insight for my path, such as my angel therapy, my clairvoyance and relationship issues. Amy's generous support from the angels is truly heartwarming and loving. I highly recommend Amy's angel readings to anyone who wants to receive enlightened guidance.

Karen Edwards
Angel Therapy Practitioner ®
certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD

"I re-read your angel reading about a month ago, and took a great solace in that... it was bang on, as I told you before.... it rings true with me, even if you don’t see the relevance of the words which came through you."

Gerry O’Neill 

"My name is Maria and I met Amy on a Therapy course. It has been a real gift to know Amy and all the angel work she is doing. It is changing my life in all aspects. It is healing my relationship with men, my diet habits, my relationships with friends and also I am feeling very safe and protected. They are also helping me at work and to carry on with my goals. Every time I have asked for her clairvoyance I have received very wise knowledge and I have felt very loved from the angels. Also it is great to have met a person like Amy, because she is a good example of what is unconditional love; her spirituality and kindness is shocking.
All my angel blessings to her and all the work she is doing."

Dr. Maria Fernandez

"It is with pleasure that I can tell you you are an angel yourself and your channelling has been such a great help for me and I think you should pursue this as a way to help people. In moments of despair, it has brought me such light and understanding and hope and positiveness. You are a real channel of love from the angels and I feel so blessed to know you."

Marie Ange Couturon

Darling Amy,

I have just finished reading your angel message for me, and it is truly TRULY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever experienced - so much LOVE - I just felt wrapped in a BIG BALL OF LOVING LIGHT.  And I do hear them that I just have to choose. They were so clear and explicit for me, knowing what I'm like. I am so so grateful to you and my angels Amy. I am floating on a cloud of love and light.  Absolutely stunning!  I have been feeling much better but this reading  - wow - it's beyond all my expectations and those were high!

It is very precious to me and it could not be more clear...  I am going to live with and co-create with my angels, they are just there and of course, they have helped me see - how could it be otherwise... it’s the clear truth and not the obscuring fear.  I am sometimes, as you see, doubting and sceptical. But when I met you in Hawaii, your integrity, authenticity and loving heart were just obvious to me.    I love it when things are just instantly clear,.. and I am going to work with the angels to broaden that out.

Amy bless you and thank you so much for this beautiful gift

Dr. Patricia Zecevic

"I can feel the angels around me when I go to receive angel therapy with Amy. I am amazed as you feel a great deal of warmth and love. The reading just lifts you and makes you feel so much lighter and your problems seem to lift away. And the information she gives you is always accurate."

Eleanor Hassall