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Reiki Testimonials

"I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received from Amy - gentle is definitely the word. I have had angel therapy, animal communication, distance Reiki and also been attuned to Reiki level II and I would recommend every one. The distant Reiki sessions are amazing, not only do I feel the warmth and energy of the healing which is very powerful but gentle, my angels are called upon and I get personal messages after, which has helped me in so many ways."

Lyn Wilson

"When Amy does a Reiki session, she invites you, in her light and gentle presence, to step out of the mask that you show the world and nurture what lies within. Feel peace, comfort and love. The experience is so simple and yet so precious."

Cathy Smitton

"After a visit to Australia in 2004, I developed a lump in the middle of my right hand. My doctor told me it was a ganglion and that these things had a tendency to disappear if they were left alone.

"Being a professional homeopath, I decided to try some remedies to encourage the lump to disappear. After a couple of months on the remedies the ganglion did disappear, but I found that I had developed a consistent dull pain in my right shoulder. I applied some more homeopathics, but the pain simply moved from the shoulder to the wrist where it remained.

"It was at that point I met Amy who suggested that Reiki might help. I was very sceptical as my symptoms were decidedly on the physical level. Nevertheless, I decided to set her a challenge as she seemed to have great confidence in the healing power of Reiki.

"I was instructed that for the next 3 evenings at 9 p.m. I should lie on the sofa with the lights dimmed and relax to receive the Reiki that Amy would transmit over a distance of around 9 miles. My scepticism increased, but I said I would give it a go.

"Two of the three nights I did as instructed, but on the the third night I was watching a football match as I lay on the sofa.

"So it was a shock to wake up the next morning and find the pain that had been with me for around 6 months and was always worse on waking, did not come back. Naturally I put this down to co-incidence, though my scepticism was sorely dented.

"Since then I have had a couple of other demonstrations of Amy's abilities and I am now convinced that she has a gift for Reiki and other forms of energetic healing that is quite rare."

John Carpenter L.C.P.Hom

"As A Tai Ji (Tai Chi) practitioner I am very interested in the flow of Ki (Chi) or vital energy within the body and I was curious to see how Reiki would affect me - or not!

"So with an open mind, I embarked on a few sessions with Amy. Each time I found the experience very relaxing and afterwards I felt calm and energized. I was surprised how sensitive Amy seemed to be to "blockages" or tensions within my body, which helped to increase my own self-awareness. Overall, I feel that Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive process that has the potential to enhance the mind, body, spirit balance thus increasing personal well-being."

Jane Innes (Tai Chi Practitioner)

"I have been lucky enough, as Amy's sister, to have received Reiki from her many times over the five years she has been healing. I particularly remember one time when she first started practicing Reiki and I was recovering from an operation.

"I had reacted badly to an anti-inflammatory drug I had been prescribed and I was in considerable discomfort and was really nauseous. I remember Amy gently placing her hands on my head and the healing heat radiating from her hands. Within minutes, I felt the pain and nausea ease and I fell into a deep and restful sleep. That was the moment I realised how incredibly powerful Reiki is, and what an amazing gift my sister has.

"Since then I have seen Amy grow to become an experienced and powerful healer. I have had Reiki from other practitioners but I have never experienced such moving and powerful yet soft and gentle healing as I have had from Amy. She truly has a special gift and I am immensely proud of her."

Dawn Davidson

"I have known Amy for five years now. During this time we have enjoyed swapping treatments as we are both healers and sometimes don't get much time for ourselves. In order to help people you need to be strong.  Amy has a wonderful energy which you feel immediately on first meeting her and after a healing you feel balanced and refreshed. Amy also has a very strong psychic ability and this combined with her Reiki energy proves to be just a wonderful experience. After a healing with Amy I feel balanced and whole again. I would highly recommend a healing session with her."

Eleanor Hassall (Reiki Master)

"I was diagnosed with breast tumour for the second time in January of this year (2007). I had previously been diagnosed six years ago and at that time underwent treatment of Chemotherapy, Lumpectomy, and Radiotherapy. As you can imagine I was devastated at receiving the diagnosis again as I thought I was in the clear.

"Following the treatment of my first diagnoses I was introduced to Reiki which helped me to regain my strength and enabled me to get my life back to normal quicker that I thought was possible. I had my first hand experience of how Reiki can help with the bodies healing process. I loved the Reiki experience so much that I eventually became a Reiki Therapist myself to enable me to help others and also to compliment my Nursing profession.
After receiving my diagnosis for the second time I contacted Amy, a family friend who agreed to give me Reiki, as and when, I felt I needed it. We commenced with weekly sessions. During this time, I was back and forth to the hospital for further tests. The results would determine if the cancer had spread to other areas of the body. Fortunately it had not but I had to undergo radical surgery to remove both breasts. I found the Reiki sessions an enormous help especially on an emotional level, I was able to make difficult life changing decisions with a calm, clear mind.

"When hospitalized for surgery, Amy complemented our sessions with distance Reiki. The Surgeon, Doctors and Nursing Staff could not understand my rapid recovery or the lack of analgesia I required following my operation. Indeed, I was allowed home for only four days after major surgery. Even in these days where hospital stays are kept to the minimum due to hospital finances, this was classed as unusual.

"I continue to have Reiki sessions with Amy on a regular basis and have had some amazing experiences during these sessions. I believe they have aided me to heal on a physical level and have also given me the strength emotionally and spiritually to cope with the multi-faceted challenges that can occur on a daily basis.
Amy is a very gentle person, wise beyond her years. I feel privileged to know her and I am truly thankful to her for being there for me during this time."

Lynn Carter