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Animal Communication Testimonials

Red Horse Speaks"Amy did communication sessions with all of my seven horses. Whilst each horse's response was interesting, what they said about each other was really fascinating and has helped me greatly in caring for them individually and as a herd. The most amazing revelation came from Bluebell, my little brood mare, who told Amy that Chelsea was the one who missed me the most when I was away and worried about me because she (Chelsea) saw it as her role to keep me safe. I would never have guessed this for, although we have a very close bond, Chelsea is very independent and quite self-contained. However, she does have a reputation for being difficult when I am away - for example, not wanting to be caught. Since learning this, I have made a point of communicating with Chelsea myself every day I am away from home. I just tell here where I am and that I am safe. It has made a huge difference to her behaviour when I am away. She is much happier and more relaxed. The only time I forgot to do this, she was back to being difficult, so it is no accident. Thanks Amy for this and all the other gems that came from your communication sessions."

Beth Duff


"I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received from Amy - gentle is definitely the word. I have had angel therapy, animal communication, distance Reiki and also been attuned to Reiki level II and I would recommend every one. The distant Reiki sessions are amazing, not only do I feel the warmth and energy of the healing which is very powerful but gentle, my angels are called upon and I get personal messages after, which has helped me in so many ways."

Lyn Wilson

Lilly - dog Wow you took my breath away and tears filled my eyes, I didn't want Lilly to hear me crying, she doesn't need to see it. As you said she senses my stress.
I want to tell you this. You wouldn't know it because I never told you.  Lilly always put her paw on my hand! She would ride in the car, in the front seat with her paw on the counsel. I would put my hand on her paw! She always removed her paw from under my hand and placed it on top of mine and would kiss my right hand as I drove. She was adamant about it. I always knew Lilly loved me when she did that. I knew it was her way of saying Thank You for loving me. She wanted to always feel special. The reason I am saying this is because when you communicated with Lilly she told you she wanted to stay home and pass when I was calm, peaceful with her only paw on my hand. That is something I have never shared with you. You wouldn't have known that Lilly does it. Your reading brought me to my knees with tears. It gives me peace inside that she is waiting.
Also, Lilly does have an ability to smell.  Of course all dogs do but her sniffer is unbelievable. Also she has been laying by my door walls, open..gazing into the yard. We have a fish pond with Japanese koi, she has been staring out into the yard--gazing at the trees, sky, birds...Just in deep thought, like a person deciding and thinking what to do next. She doesn't like it when she cannot see me, she cries.  Until I return to the room.  She has to know I am with her, near her.
Amy, so much that you said you would not have known, Lilly has chosen to lay in front of the door walls so she can see out side. As you said she can gaze. They are open for the air to breeze in for her. I had to close them temporarily because of the heavy rain. She is resting now, hopefully at peace. Thank you from my heart.
Please know that I am so grateful & Lilly is I am sure too.

Sandy & Lilly – Michigan, US

Tilly Horse - CommunicationI would really like to thank you for this communication as the information is accurate and so true of her.  It just shows how loving and caring she is as well as her patience and how much she wishes to please. 

As you have said she really does like to wonder and ponder about things and it is reassuring to know that she would like some time off as long as she isn’t retired.  We have a very strong bonding and understanding with each other and it is wonderful to have this confirmed.  There have been times when I have wondered about her being my guardian because she is always so sensitive to everything around her and she’s always been there in the hard moments.   

It is very comforting to know that she is happy and content in life and wants for nothing other than a good gallop now and then and the fussing and grooming that she adores.  If something does scare her, such as a cat jumping out of no-where she turns and runs a few steps and very quickly stops to see what it was.

 Thank you for this wonderful experience as I’m sure it will help me to further my bond and understanding with Tilly.    

 Carrie – Inverness-Shire, Scotland

catcat Dearest Amy, Thank you so much – it was WONDERFUL to have them speak to us in words! I see a whole other side to them now. Ben is really keen we get both other cats done now. What a fantastic gift! I laughed quite a bit too – especially Poppet’s response to me suggesting she might curtail her jumping out at my partner!!! I feel that I have a closer connection with them both now. (Lucy was more affectionate to me than she has been for ages last night!) I have not made any decisions yet, time will tell but at least I have a way forward if one of them has to go. Thank you so much Amy. With love and gratitude,

Elizabeth – Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Derry - dog Thank you very much for talking to Derry, he does seem like a bit of weight has been lifted.

In your communication with Derry, I felt that you picked up things about him that you could not have known, having never met him. My relationship with Derry has grown stronger and I feel I understand him better and I know that he is so very aware of my own emotions. I understand that people are not so aware of animal communication but hopefully awareness can be raised and everyone can gain the ability to understand their pet better. We expect our pets to understand us but we should understand them! Maybe if more people like Amy were around, we would have less "problem" pets and realise that all the time our pets are "misbehaving" they are really trying to tell us something! If we only listened.

Thanks again,

Marjorie – Aberdeenshire, Scotland

I had been concerned about my horse's soundness for a while, nothing very obvious but I could feel he was unlevel when I rode him and he often bucked.

I had read of Amy's work and quite liked the idea of her having a 'conversation' with my horse, a bit of a laugh really because I didn't expect she could actually do this. However, after sending Amy a photo of him I was amazed to receive a long email back going into great detail about 'my boy'. Much of what was said closely linked to him - and I deliberately hadn't told Amy about! - confirming what I also had suspected. He was in pain.

I decided Amy could try some Reiki on him. This was very revealing in specific areas of concern and she spent considerable time working on him.

Afterwards he was so relaxed and happy within himself and certainly a lot less grumpy. His movement under saddle felt more relaxed and flowing and he didn't buck once.

Comments from his 'conversation' with Amy led me to find therapeutic massage for him. This person echoed almost exactly what Amy had said and with the complementing input from both approaches my horse has returned to his usual happy self.

F – Aberdeenshire, Scotland

First of all let me start by saying thank you so very very much for communicating with Kuma, it has given me such relief and comfort, you are a truly talented and gifted person, what an amazing feeling it must be to do what you do. I have no doubt in my mind that you were communicating with Kuma, I had already contacted a communicator before I contacted you, I didn't tell you this, not because I was trying to catch you out but because I feel that the first person I used, I gave them far too much information and as a result I didn't feel that they made contact (but maybe Kuma just didn't want to talk to them!)  Whichever it was I was still left searching for answers until I found you!
Thank you for all your help
Lots of love

Sarah – Kent, England

Caspar - horseHi Amy

Thanks for the communication, it was reassuring. I cried when I read it.

I left it till today to reply as I had a friend come down (a competent rider who has the same instructor as Jodie) to try Casper out. She just walked around and did a little trotting on a long rein, he seemed very happy (after the initial shock of someone he didn't know on his back).
She only did about 10 mins on him, she said she would come again if we liked until we felt sure of him.
The fact you had communicated with him and he said he would be ok, was a big confidence boost for us. We will start taking him out on the lead line for hacks around the village while he settles in to work quietly.

On Saturday Our natural Horsemanship instructor did a 20 min long line session with Casper and she said he was a different horse from the last time she saw him at Christmas.  She confirmed he was a lot looser and she also said that he needed a long rein and to be encouraged to reach down. Just what you said Casper needs. We will do him for 20 min sessions on the long line, she said do 3 circles one way and 3 the other to get his neck muscles built up and prevent him from going solid in his neck.

The bit about him being stuck, when we bought him, we went to see his breeder and she said as a foal, he got caught in the fencing and was upside down for 8 hrs till she came home from work to release him, so this must be what he was telling you about. I forgot to mention this in the letter. When he first had the Chiropractor, she released his Poll and said it had been out for a long time, I thought then, that it was from the incident when he was stuck in the fence.

Bless You! And thank you once again for your help, I have told all my friends about you, so they will be, no doubt, getting in touch.  I will probably contact you again at a later date, for either the horses or the doggies.

Love & Light
Valerie – Preston, England

Ebony - dogDearest Amy,

The communication session you just did was so amazing Amy, I swear earlier Ebony understood me for what I thought was the first time.
Basically Ebbs wouldn’t eat her meal so I said to her please eat your food hunny we need to get to your strength up for you to get better and she went and ate it and as I kept talking to her her eyes lit up and she gave me kisses.

Ebbs loves my bedroom that’s where I do most of my healing from, I'm so glad she likes healing sent to her now I understand  why she does not like hands on, I couldn’t understand why she walked away.

I'm so amazed at the part where you asked about her spiritual side of life and guardians I always knew she was different you have helped me so much with this as now I know what I can do for her.

Oh and Ebbs rolling on her back is hilarious and that’s when I know she is happy and it melts my heart.

I'm so thankful to you

Love and blessings

Jolene – Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Follow-up - Just to let you know Ebony my dog is doing really great so happy within herself she's like a different dog! Your communication with her has settled her a lot knowing she can be heard, so thank you so much again.

Helping Understand Behaviour

catBeryl set up a communication session for Ben, to see if she could help him to settle more during the night.  He was showing signs of distress; barking and panting.  Ben was able to communicate exactly how he was feeling, what was bothering him and what he needed changed to feel more at ease.

Follow up for Ben - Ben is a lot, lot happier.  Kathy and Al gave him the run of the house at night by putting baby gates up at the bedroom doors (they didn't want him on the children's beds).  He is content with that and we all talk to him a lot more now and he gets plenty of Reiki from Gran.  I can't thank you enough for talking to him, it really has helped. Love and light,

Beryl – Aberdeenshire, Scotland

6 I received your communication on Sunday but have had trouble connecting since then until now so have had time to read the communication a few times and yet again I am blown away at how accurate it is.
I have learnt a lot through this and since Sunday have given Nugget attention and not told her off when she shouts at Ben or felt sorry for him and when she wants to hide away I have left her alone until she is ready and I have to say the difference in her is really noticeable.  She’s so much more friendly she even seems to like Ben a bit more! 
I am so glad you have decided to continue communicating with animals it really is amazing you've made Nugget and I very happy and I'm sure I'll be in touch some time in the future so you can have a chat with Ben and Annie, it would be really interesting to know about their lives before being rescued especially Annie as she is so scared of humans that it makes us wonder what she’s been through in the past!
With love

Sarah – Kent, England

Helping Ease Transitions

Letting animals know in advance about any changes that will be happening to them, such as a move to a new location or a vet journey can help ease their stress and make the transitions more enjoyable for them!

Julie, a caring animal lover, contacted me to help with a neighbouring cat, Laurie, whose owner had passed away and whose current guardian could not offer her the care she deserved.  When she was taken in by Julie however, to help get her re-homed, she decided to run off!  Through our communication, Laurie was able to gain understanding as to what was happening and to share her thoughts and feelings, helping understanding all round!  Laurie is now happily settled into a new and loving home.

Hi Amy

You will be pleased to know Laurie is back upstairs in my bedroom! Thank you so much for talking to her because it was exactly what she needed. I know how busy you are and we are both very grateful that you found the time to help us understand one another.

Cat CommunicationLaurie taught me that animals need closure as much as humans do and it is easy to rush them into something you want for them without giving them chance to adjust, understand or feel they have any choices. You get consumed with doing the right thing and being over-protective for all the right reasons, but it doesn't always give the best outcome. It can be a hard to know what is right sometimes which is why I am so grateful I can turn to people like yourself who are able to build bridges so everyone gets what they need.

Keep on doing what you are doing because it’s wonderful and if I ever find myself in a similar position again I will check myself and consult you before rushing into something. It’s comforting to know that communication is possible when you want to check on something you have a gut feeling about that maybe goes against logic and what everyone else says. Fab!!

Thank you once more and I will keep you posted as to how she gets on when she is allowed out - that will be a test!

Lots of love and gratitude

Julie - Lancashire, England

F, a caring horse owner, contacted me to help her pony prepare to move to a new and better location:

Did I tell you that when I moved from the yard that I had my mare at (remember you prepared her for it?) she saw the trailer arrive and actually put herself in. I was having to hold her back because she was so keen to go!! She knew and she has become the most loving pony you could ever have.

Animal Tributes


 Shoobi Davidson
 To beloved Shoobi
 Thank you for your love
For all the good times that we shared
 Thank you for always listening
For quietly being there
 I will be thanking heaven all my life through
For having brought me an amazing friend like you 
Rest in peace beautiful boy
 Love you always


To Jake

For your incredible love and understanding. You have touched my heart and I am sorry that you had to go so soon.
May you be in love always.
Siobhan and Ian want you to know that you are very missed by them both.

Thank you again for all you have done. You have been a great help and comfort.


Siobhan x - Ireland